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The Full Story

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I've always had a visceral connection to this land and ocean that I call home. Taking up the guitar in my teen years (1988 to be precise without giving my age,) I've always tried to find a way to express this love through my music. After years of playing in local bands, countless jams and endless hours recording into my little Fostex 4-track recorder, I started building a home studio dedicated to producing the vision i had in my head, and I started on my musical production journey.

I then took up the bass. Then the drums, then the keyboards. Then came the recording system, engineering, mixing and production. Only then did I realize I wasn't telling the Full Story - I wasn't putting words to my expressions. So I soundproofed the hell out of my studio, locked the door, added mood lighting, a *touch* of Sailor Jerry's and enough candles to heat a Canadian basement suite, and I began to start recording my voice.

I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know how my voice would sound. Although my musical journey took me from Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rancid, Pink Floyd, Satriani and The Police, I started out with some backing tracks I found on YouTube, including U2, Bruce Springsteen, Jack Johnson - but then I found Comfortably Numb. I thought I'd take a crack at it, as David Gilmour had long been written into my fabric as a guitarist, so I set up the mic - and hit record.

I was pleasantly surprised! I found I could hit those tenor notes, and my tone wasn't overly awful in the headphones. I recorded a full version of the song (found here in the Videos section,) and posted it to social media, and the response was positive enough to encourage me to try more. And more I did. I set out to begin work on a full album, a concept solo project where I wrote and recorded every instrument on the album from the drums, bass, layered guitars, keyboards, lead vocals and backing vocals. I learned the art of recording engineering, mixing, self-production and even built a guitar in the process. 

All of these elements culminated in the production that is Temporarium, a personal expression of the journey that brought me here, with those who shaped me, the land and ocean that held me, the friends and family that hold me -  all this is the journey that brought this album out of me, to You.

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